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Three Stage Solution:

MyClub Solutions offers a three stage solution for your business

Stage 1: Organizational Assessment

  • Business Strategy
  • Priorities
  • Current IT Environment

The first layer in MyClub Solutions' analysis involves an objective, unbiased assessment of your organization technology activities and resources, and the technology implications of your business strategy.

We offer candid assessments of your organizational strengths and weaknesses. These assessments provide the basis for effective focus in the strategy development and implementation management we will provide to you.

Stage 2: Strategy Development

The Strategic Development stage addresses the important technical advantages that can be realized by a comprehensive IT strategy.  The strategy development is based on your unique business and technology situation.  Our methodology integrates our extensive industry knowledge, up-to-date IT industry trends and vendor capabilities.  It is here where we forge strategies that are both practical and achievable.

Stage 3: Implementation Management

  • Strategic Projects
  • Precursor Activities
  • Technology Specifics

MyClub Solutions offers proven methodologies for implementation planning in a wide variety of areas.

These can address specific client needs that include requirement analysis for your business, RFP development and assistance throughout vendor evaluations and assist in the selection and negotiation process. 

MyClub Solutions also offers objective project oversight services to provide an added measure of confidence that key projects will succeed!

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